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Scale Exercises taught by a 9 year old

Piano scales are an important part of developing your playing skills and understanding the building blocks of music. Scales help students develop a strong sense of rhythm, articulation, and speed, which are all important for playing the piano.

The 'scale' is the foundation of all the notes you will play, so practicing them will allow you to develop your fingers' agility, strength, and speed!
Let's take a look at our student Ms. Lorraine, and the different scale exercises she uses for her practice!

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How to Teach A 3 Years Old Music Class?

Welcome to our 2nd video from our teaching series! Today we have Mr. Ben showing us how to teach a three years old music class. In this video, we'll get to learn about the clap clap clap method.

This method is used to help young musical beginners learn to keep the beat of music, synchronize with the class, and create their own ways of keeping the beat!
This is a super helpful and fun technique for young musical beginners!

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~ Karl Wong (Piano Instructor)
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